10 actors who rejected the role that would have changed their lives

Almost all actors or actresses have rejected some roles throughout their career that could have been a turning point, although we are sure that more than one is currently regretting their decision.

Below, you can see a list of these actors who rejected great career opportunities:

1- John Travolta – Forrest Gump

Travolta was the first chosen to embody the leading role of this mythical 1994 film. However, the actor rejected the role but never explained why he did it. At present, he has been asked in several interviews and says he regrets a bit of having rejected it. It was Tom Hanks finally who played this role, which led him to win an Oscar. click next below to read more

2- Emily Browning – Twilight

She refused the opportunity to cast for the role of Bella in the Twilight movie in 2008. The author of the book, Stephanie Meyer, had already conceived the film with her in mind, so when Kristen Stewart got the role, she was not very convinced at first. However, Kristen’s romance with the protagonist Robert Patterson launched them to fame.

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