10 Famous actors who almost lost their lives in the filming of movies

Famous actors

Most people think acting is an easy task. After all, they go to their movie sets, have their makeup done, and receive a massive amount of wealth for just a few months of work.

However, there are downsides to the job that most people don’t even think about. 

That is exactly what happened to the following actors while recording some of their most successful films.

When things don’t go as they should while recording a movie:

1- Isla Fisher in Now You See Me

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The overwhelming scene in which the Isla’s role of drowning is one of the most impressive in the movie. One of the reasons is that the actress was really drowning since she could not let go of the chains, luckily she managed to reach the surface. The ironic? The cast members applauded her incredible performance.

2- Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush

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He has participated in many action movies, so it is not surprising that he has occasional scars. During the recording of this movie, the actor was hit by accident by another member of the production.

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