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10 Famous people who changed their real name to be more successful

We are used to hearing the names of famous singers and actors on television, radio, news. But the truth is that not all the names we see are real. Have you ever wondered why it only seems that people who have a weird name seem to succeed? Why don’t people with common last names like Garcia succeed?

Well, it has a straightforward explanation; most celebrities change their name to adopt a ‘stage name’ that helps them succeed. Sometimes it is because it is catchy, sometimes because their real names are very complicated, but the truth is that it happens more than or what we think.

Discover the most curious celebrity name changes:

1- Lady Gaga was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Her music producer always sang the song ‘Radio Ga Ga’ when she went to the studio to record. One day the producer was writing her a text message when the corrector of the phone wrote ‘Lady’ instead of Radio. Stefani replied, ‘Don’t call me Stefani again, now I’m Lady Gaga.’

2- Carmen Electra was Tara Lee Patrick

Tara moved to California in 1991, where she met Prince. It was then that she decided that if she wanted to succeed, she needed a stage name and chose Carmen Electra.

3- Calvin Harris was Adam Richard Wiles

The highest-paid DJ on the planet decided to change his name when he started in the music world since he wanted a more commercial name; The DJ also said: ‘I thought that if I changed my name, people wouldn’t know if it was white or black and it would be easier to succeed because of what I chose Calvin Harris.’

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