women to see alone

10 movies that were made for women to see alone

Every day we hear more about womanism, about the power of women.

Women are making history and are increasingly independent. They don’t need anyone to succeed, neither to do basic things like watching a movie. In fact, some films are only understood and convey their message if we see them alone, as is the case with the following.

Movies that every woman should watch alone at least once

1- Mona Lisa smile

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Revolution Studios and Shoelace Productions, Set in the 50s and starring Julia Roberts, it conveys a clear message: many women wonder what to do with their lives and if one day they will find the right path. This movie will help you find some motivation, and with it, you will begin on a journey of self-discovery.

2- Queen

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This movie comes to us from India to show us that no one teaches us to overcome a big problem or an unfortunate event in our lives. We have to learn to do it for ourselves.

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