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10 terrifying stories that happened on the set while filming scary movies

Horror movies can be quite disturbing. They usually leave us with the fear in the body and a feeling that costs to disappear, especially if we go to sleep. That is what happens to us when we see them. Can you imagine being one of the actors that live in the situation? We tell you today the stories that happened on the set of filming scary movies that remind us that making a scary movie is worse than watching.

1- The Basement

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This movie is shooted in an old place called Yankee Peddler. The funny thing is that the storyline was written during the director Ti West’s stay in this place while the filming of The House of the Devil in 2009. 

The director heard several scary stories and decided to turn it into a movie. What he did not imagine was that the shooting was going to be the horror itself. The doors opened by themselves, the lights turn on without explanation, the phones rang, but there was no one on the other side of the line.

2-Twilight Zone: The Movie

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Director John Landis was known for making dangerous decisions during filming, such as using real ammunition for weapons. One day, during filming, it was very windy, which made the scene difficult that they had to record.

The protagonist, Vic Morrow, had to take two children in his arms and put them on a helicopter in motion. Everyone warned that you could not roll with so much wind, but Landis did not care.

In the end, one of the children killed by the helicopter’s blades.

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