lose weight permanently

10 tips to lose weight permanently -Safely and Naturally

Are you tired of those extra kilos? Do you want to lose weight without regaining it as soon as you leave the diet? We give you some effective tips to lose weight without restrictive diets and lasting. With these tips, you will be able to maintain your ideal weight, once and for all.

1. Start by increasing the elimination of toxins

To reduce toxins quicker, it is essential to go step by step. Before starting a diet, or rather a nutritional balance, our advice is to start by promoting the elimination of toxins and end the retention of fluids that our body has accumulated due to poor diet. The body, when balanced and healthy, normally and naturally eliminates toxins (through the liver and kidneys) and excess fluids. Still, we can give it a small boost to facilitate and lighten this process. Drinking enough water a day (at least 1.5l) is essential to eliminate toxins.

2. Don’t lose motivation

The motivation is 70% of success when it comes to eating healthy and maintaining the figure. Forget about drastic and restrictive diets, you will not have to deprive yourself of fries or sweets for months, but change your habits and prevent eating them from becoming a habit. Also, changing the way you eat and exercise is essential to achieve the weight you want.

If necessary, go to a nutritionist for personalized advice and prepare a table of meals appropriate to your needs, this will motivate you to achieve your goals.


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