12 Movies that will inspire you and help you have a break from reality

Some days make us feel bad, they create a sensation in our stomach that does not let us breathe well, and we need to find an escape, something that distracts us. Cinema can be such an escape because it helps to take our mind to another place, we escape to an unreal world in which it seems that Chris Evans is your friend or that we know everything there is to know about laws.

Many movies will help you disconnect from the real world, but since you are going to spend a couple of hours of your life watching them, we want to advise you some that will also work as inspiration.

Discover the movies that will help you disconnect from reality:

1- The Big Short

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In the mid-2000s, a few economics specialists observe the uncertainty in the US housing business, it will remind us that we can, little by little, get out of all the problems.

2- The Giver

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Based on the homonymous book, The Giver shows us a totally controlled world in which humans only see and know what the government allows them. When you finish watching it, you will feel the need to seek answers yourself instead of trusting everything others tell you.

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