healthy breakfast

6 tips for healthy breakfast without complicating your life

Having a full and healthy breakfast does not take much time. We give you several tips that will help you to understand this.

Do you want to have a good breakfast but you don’t get it? Whether due to lack of time or ideas, it is very common to choose unhealthy foods for breakfast or not to have breakfast. To remedy the best thing is to give it the importance it deserves. Some of the tips that help you achieve your goal are below, have a look. 

1. Give it the importance it deserves

Contribution of energy in breakfast holds importance to achieve an excellent performance throughout the day, both physical and mental. Ideally, this means almost 25% of the daily energy is gained from breakfast. A full and healthy breakfast helps to control the intake of food during the day, so it is good to eat fiber from foods such as fruit or cereal so that these substances boost the digestive system and the body to function correctly.

2. Consider all the nutrients to include

For breakfast to be complete, it is highly recommended that you include protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins. All this can be obtained through different foods such as fruit, nuts, vegetable drinks, or whole grains, among others. Creating a combination of them will allow you to get a complete and balanced breakfast.

Of course, it is also important to know what to put aside. It is best to forget about ultra-processed sugar-rich products, refined flours, and other additives, such as industrial pastries or cookies. Choose raw material or well processed with quality ingredients.

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