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6 Weight Loss Remedies that should forget

At this time of the year, it is common for Internet searches related to different types of weight loss remedies to proliferate.

However, resorting to certain types of diets that promise immediate results can have serious damage to health. Therefore, in today’s post, we talk about six miraculous weight loss remedies that do not have scientific evidence behind them to lose weight. Hence, this can be very dangerous for your health.

1. Detox diet

Detox diet weight loss remedies

The detox or detoxifying diet bases its theory on the premise that the human body must be cleansed of certain toxins that we ingest continuously through food and the environment.

However, this statement does not have scientific support.

Since in case of being intoxicated by some type of substance we need urgent medical attention, and not consume certain products.

In addition, we already have different organs that fulfill these excretory functions, such as our liver and kidneys.

So there is no point in looking for an impossible increase in metabolic activity that we already carry out on a regular basis.


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