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6 Weight Loss Remedies that should forget

At this time of the year, it is common for Internet searches related to different types of weight loss remedies to proliferate.

However, resorting to certain types of diets that promise immediate results can have serious damage to health. Therefore, in today’s post, we talk about six miraculous weight loss remedies that do not have scientific evidence behind them to lose weight. Hence, this can be very dangerous for your health.

1. Detox diet

Detox diet weight loss remedies

The detox or detoxifying diet bases its theory on the premise that the human body must be cleansed of certain toxins that we ingest continuously through food and the environment.

However, this statement does not have scientific support.

Since in case of being intoxicated by some type of substance we need urgent medical attention, and not consume certain products.

In addition, we already have different organs that fulfill these excretory functions, such as our liver and kidneys.

So there is no point in looking for an impossible increase in metabolic activity that we already carry out on a regular basis.

2. Drink lemon water on an empty stomach

lemon water weight loss

This is one of the popular weight loss remedies recurring within the extensive list of solutions to lose weight in record time.

Lemon water could have some health benefits because it has few calories. It can also increase our feeling of satiety.

However, it is not a miracle remedy, nor does it have any extra effect if we take it on an empty stomach.

The biggest benefit of drinking water – whether with lemon or not – is that we are actually discarding other drinks that are unhealthy.

3. Skipping dinner

weight loss dinner

For many years, a strongly rooted belief has existed within our popular thinking about different types of food throughout the day.

In fact, dinner – like breakfast – is one of the periods with the greatest number of myths and misinformation behind it. If we analyze this method, the truth is that it has some logic to think that skipping dinner have a greater predisposition to weight loss.

However, we are forgetting a very important factor in human nutrition, which is adherence and appetite.

If we skip dinner, we will probably have a much greater appetite at the next meal.

This will eventually cause us to ingest more calories than we would have taken under normal conditions.

4. Do not consume carbohydrates at night

carbohydrates weight

Continuing with the myths related to the last of the daily meals, the truth is that the issue of carbohydrates has long been part of a deeply rooted misconception.

Surely you have heard that carbohydrates make you fat at night. But there is no evidence to support that the consumption of this macronutrient will be more caloric at night.

Also, when we talk about carbohydrates, surely we think of pasta, bread or cereals like rice.

However, even though these foods are mostly carbohydrates, they also contain varying amounts of protein and fat.

In fact, the only food – or rather an ingredient – that is made up exclusively of carbohydrates is table sugar. All this makes the consumption of carbohydrates at night not a problem for weight loss.

5. The alkaline diet

alkaline diet

Another famous diet related to weight loss is the alkaline diet.

This diet model consists of differentiating the consumption of basic and acidic foods, according to a fairly arbitrary classification by its defenders.

According to the alkaline diet, the pH of our blood is acidified through food consumption. Of course, it is totally false that the pH of our blood can be modified through food intake.

In addition, our body already has buffer or regulatory systems that are responsible for maintaining a constant pH.

However, it is true that the alkaline diet is generally associated with weight loss.

These weight loss remedies do not cause by any kind of variation in pH, far from it.

6. Single food diets: The worst weight loss remedies to consider

Single food diets

Lately, some diets have become very fashionable whose foundation is based on consuming only one food.

But in large quantities and continuously.

An example is the pineapple diet. A type of recommendation based on the unique and exclusive consumption of this tropical fruit.

The pineapple diet does not work in the long term to lose weight nor is it healthy.

Since, as with other types of weight loss remedies, we are exposed to deficiencies of certain essential nutrients like;

  • Fatty acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins such as iron or calcium.

Weight is a factor that varies according to the individual. This should never consider as a primary reference when assessing our state of health.



  1. Really the single food diets are the worst. We all busy with our work and single foods are serial killers.

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