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Does coffee make you gain weight and is it healthy?

Most of the coffee lovers have a question, does coffee make you gain weight?

How (un) healthy is coffee now?

A cup of black coffee has 0 calories, so you would think that you will not gain from this.However, it has turned out that by drinking a lot of black coffee, you can gain weight.This is mainly due to the amount of caffeine. Why this, and what is a healthy alternative?

The effect of caffeine

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee because it gives them energy. This is because coffee contains caffeine. But how does this work?

The effects of caffeine at a glance

1. Production of Hormones

When our body absorbs caffeine, the hormone cortisol is produced.

We also produce this hormone when we are stressed or afraid and cause blood sugar to rise.

If this happens often, you will store more fat when eating than if you have stable blood sugar.

2. Convert Glycogen into Glucose

Also, caffeine causes your body to convert glycogen into glucose or sugar. So even if you drink black coffee without sugar, you still get sugar in your blood. This ensures that you get extra energy, but this extra energy has stored as fat that you cannot burn appropriately due to the insulin in your body.

3. Less Sleep

Also, drinking (too) much coffee makes you sleep less well.

A disturbed night’s sleep is never good for your weight because your body breaks down waste less well.

4. Fat accumulation

Also, when you are tired, you reach for ‘easy’ and therefore unhealthy meals faster.

So if you drink a lot of coffee, more fat is stored that your body cannot burn.

This is because the caffeine causes your blood sugar to rise and your body to produce glucose – or sugar.

Of course, one person experiences these consequences to a higher degree than the other.

Some do not suffer at all and do not notice weight gain from drinking coffee.

But if you feel like it is bothering you, it is better to replace coffee with other, healthier drinks.

Lose weight with mint tea

Fresh mint tea, without sugar or honey, is a healthy alternative to coffee and helps you lose weight:

First, fresh mint tea does not contain caffeine and theine, making it a healthier alternative to coffee or regular tea.

The strong scent of mint also ensures that you are less likely to reach for something sweet.

mint tea

With a small amount of honey, fresh mint tea is the perfect alternative for a delicious snack (in this case, count 1 Smart Points value per 1 teaspoon of honey).

Besides, research has shown that mint calms the digestive tract and stimulates smooth bowel movements.

It supports the natural flow of your body.

Lose weight with green tea

You probably don’t always have fresh mint, or you just want to drink something else.

In that case, green tea is also an excellent alternative to coffee:

Green tea contains a smaller amount of theine than black tea.

Basically, theine is the same as caffeine, but coffee always includes a higher percentage of caffeine than tea.

Your metabolism boosts by green tea, which means you burn more energy and, at the same time, reduce waste products in your body.

This has a beneficial effect on your weight loss.

Drinking green tea quickly gives you a feeling of satiety, so you are less likely to reach for unhealthy foods.

Conscious choices

Mint tea and green tea are, therefore, healthier choices than coffee. Of course, this does not mean that you can never drink a cup of coffee again.

Above all, listen to your own body and find the right balance that works for you.

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