Famous Celebs who Tied Knots with their Fans

Meeting your Famous Celebs is a dream come true for almost all fans, but what if those daydreams of dating them and going out actually turn out to be real and in fact even led to a marriage with your famous celebs? 

Come on..!! 

Even if you are not a fan, you are most likely to admit that it’s like a “Happily Ever After” Fairy tale.

Some of these few lucky people not only had the chance to meet or even date their celebrity crush but have actually married them.  

But sadly, some of these fan-celebrity romance stories do not always end up in a Happily Ever After. 

7. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes had a crush on Tom Cruise since she was a teen and even before she became a celebrity. In fact, who doesn’t have a crush on Tom Cruise? Holmes got lucky or unlucky when she openly stated to a reporter that she always thought she would marry Tom Cruise. This led to her engagement with Chris Klein to fallout and to happily marry Tom Cruise in 2006 and later to divorce in 2012.


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