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Feijoa – Top 3 Reason to Eat Today

The feijoa is the fruit were discovered in 1815 in Brazil by the German botanist Friedrich Zello, and 75 years later they were brought to Europe. The first plantations appeared in Georgia and Azerbaijan, and dates back to 1914. The fruit pulp is sour-sweet, with a pleasant strawberry-pineapple aroma, feijoa is an extremely healthy fruit. Mostly people need to know how to eat

1. Vitamins and minerals 

Rich in green fruit and various vitamins, especially group B. Regular consumption of feijoa in food helps to heal the nervous and circulatory systems, not without reason the fruits are so actively used in dietary nutrition. Vitamins PP, potassium, phosphorus, copper, calcium – make feijoa fruits a real natural vitamin complex.

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2. Colds & Flu

Feijoa has a lot of vitamin C, which increases immunity and overall body tone. The immunomodulatory effect of emerald fruits is proven by science, and the essential oils contained in feijoa will help to quickly cope with a runny nose. Only a few pieces a day are able to successfully deal with vitamin deficiency and loss of strength

3. Iodine 

Feijoa contains a record amount of iodine. A kilogram of feijoa contains from 2 to 4 mg. This is even more than in seafood. Moreover, due to the fact that iodine in feijoa is in a water-soluble state, it is easily absorbed. Check Next Page for How to Eat Feijoa

How to Eat Feijoa

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